Kings Forest is proud to announce a new initiative for 2018. It is planned to run The King’s Cup Challenge, over the two Kings rides awarding a Cup to the rider with the highest points based on an objective scoring system.

This will be open to all vetted rides CEI or CER. Points will be awarded for Presentation Time and First HR. This competition is not based on ride speed or distance. The rider with the best score over the two rides will be deemed the winner. It is Kings way of saying Thank You for supporting this ride. Full details of the scoring system can be sent on request by email and will be available at the ride in April.

Message to Competitors:
Dear Competitor,
We know that over this weekend the weather is forecasted to be very warm which at least means there will be no need for warm clothing!
As usual Kings is hosting FEI International Competitions over the weekend and with the permission of the FEI we are again running our National and International competitions together.
This means that the Vet Gate Inspection Area will be used throughout both days by International and National  competitors at the same time.
This produces a considerable saving in the costs to host the entire event.
However it does mean that the minimum Dress code under FEI Rules must apply across all competitions.
This will mainly effect the requirement that, inside the Vet Inspection Area, no shorts or sandals are allowed for any person or persons accompanying/presenting a horse.
The Official Stewards at the Vet Inspection Area entrance will be enforcing this minimum dress code for all and will not allow anyone to enter the Vetting area wearing shorts or sandals.
It is appreciated that, when it is very hot, shorts are very welcome – just not when you are inside the Vet Examination area!
We appreciate your cooperation.

Entries close: 23rd June 2018
Late entries: 4th July 2018
FEI entries: 4th July 2018

Friday (afternoon)
1. 40km GER 11. 160km FEI 3* 27. 80km CER
2. 40km Novice GER 12. 120km FEI 2* 28. 80km GER
3. 32km GER 13. 120km FEI 2* Young Riders 29. 64km GER
4. 32km Novice GER 14. 80km FEI 1* 30. 48km GER
5. 128km GER 3 Day (32, 64, 32) 15. 80km FEI 1* Young Riders 31. 48km Novice GER
 6. 144km GER 3 Day (40, 64, 44) 16. 160km CER 32. 40km GER
 7. 96km GER 3 Day (32,32,32) 17. 120km CER 33. 40km Novice GER
 8. 32km PR 18. 120km CER Young Riders 34. 32km GER
 9. 20km PR 19. 80km CER 35. 32km Novice GER
10. 16km PR 20. 80km GER 36. 32km PR
21. 64km GER 37. 20km PR
22. 160km GER 2 Day (80, 80) 38. 16km PR
23. 120km GER 2 Day (80, 40)
24. 128km GER 2 Day (64, 64)
25. 104km GER 2 Day (64, 40)
25. 96km GER 2 Day (64, 32)


Photos by David Saunders Photography